Dreams and Shadows



Is there going to be a sequel to DREAMS AND SHADOWS?

Yes. The initial deal for DREAMS AND SHADOWS was two books. The future beyond that remains to be seen.

Are there any plans to return to Spill.com to reprise the roll of Carlyle?

Unfortunately I’ve become way too busy, though I try to pop in when our schedules align. I love those guys dearly and had a great time working with them.

I see that Scott Derrickson is attached to a couple of projects that you are not a part of. Are you still working together?

Yes. Very much so. Things in Hollywood move quite slow sometimes and Scott had a backlog of projects that he was attached to that he cares quite deeply for. From here on out we only plan on working on projects together, but he’s got a few things of his own to see through. I’ll be using that time to write more books.

When will you direct a movie of your own?

Never. I’m a writer, not a director. If there’s one thing almost a decade and a half in the film industry has taught me, it is that while anyone can direct a movie, only a handful of people can direct a movie well. It requires a certain skillset I don’t have, and a way of looking and thinking about things that I just don’t and can’t. My current plan is to just write. That’s what I love.

Is it true you have a Confederate flag tattoo?

No. One of the strangest, most persistent rumors about me stems from a joke my good friend Harry Knowles played on me almost 10 years ago. He badly photoshopped a tattoo on my arm and posted the image at the bottom of one of my reviews. People thought it was real, got pretty upset and curse me out to this day about it. I have no tattoos.

Where did the name Massawyrm come from?

That’s a long story I only tell over beer. Buy me a beer and I’ll tell you the story. That’s the deal.

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